When is the next bi-annual Bath & Body Works sale?

Twice a year, Bath & Body Works holds its popular biannual sale, offering deep discounts on everything from soaps and hand lotions to scented three-wick candles. Although Bath & Body Works is one of the stores that will give you a free gift on your birthday, if you’re a real fan of the brand, you can’t wait until your birthday every year to get a big discount. . Read on to find out the details of the Bath and Body Works bi-annual sale and find out which deals you should be looking for right now.

When is the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale?

The Bath & Body Works biannual sale will most likely start on June 13, 2022. The Bath & Body Works biannual sale usually takes place twice a year, once in mid-summer and another just after Christmas.

How long does the Bath & Body Works bi-annual sale last?

You can expect this year’s summer sale to last around four weeks, until mid-July 2022. In 2021, the summer sale started on June 14 and lasted until July 12 .

What are the best deals during the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale?

While biannual best sale deals aren’t announced until the sale begins, past sales have included up to 75% off select items. Maximize your savings with Bath & Body Works coupons, where available. You can get Bath & Body Works coupons directly through the mail. Simply complete the “Update Mailing Address” form online and watch the coupons arrive in your mailbox. If you prefer to have these discount codes sent to your inbox, sign up for the Bath & Body Works mailing list.

Check out some of the amazing deals you can shop right now (while supplies last, of course!):

  • Mix and match hand soaps: Stock up on your favorite hand soap scents with this deal: 6 for $27 or 4 for $20. Stick to seasonal favorites like Boardwalk Vanilla Cone, Beach Bliss, and Firecracker Fizz, or opt for more long-lasting scents like Spring Lily, Kitchen Lemon, and Almond Blossom.

  • Seasonal Wallflowers Fragrance Refills: Wallflowers fans are in luck with this offer. For those unaware, Wallflowers are fragrance plug-ins that complement your home décor while providing long-lasting fragrance (up to 30 days!). You can score select scents for just $3.95 for a limited time (refills are normally $7.50). Choose from seasonal scents like Summer Melody, Pink Pineapple Sunrise and Red, White and Blue Cake.

  • Mix and match body care: Mix and match select body care products like lotions, cleansers and cleansing bars with a purchase of three, get one free. The cheapest item will be your freebie, and you can choose from products like Lavender Sea Salt Shower Gel, Rainbow Waves Body Lotion, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil Mist. with lime and pineapple.

  • Mix and match single wick candles: Mix and match two select single wick candles for $22-$20 with this great offer. Choose from fun seasonal scents like Blue Raspberry Snow Cone and Coconut Colada.

  • Packs of 5 hand sanitizers:Carrying hand sanitizer is second nature while living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and Bath and Body Works makes it easy with $8 hand sanitizer 5-packs (select scents only $4 ). Put a watermelon lemonade or turquoise waters in your car, purse, and office and never be without a way to effectively sanitize your hands.

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