When is Ross’ “49 cent sale” in 2022? Dates explored

Ross Dress For Less stores are known for their famous “49 Cent Sale”. Find out when the 2022 sale is due to start.

At the end of 2021, several retailers like Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, The North Face and Best Buy announced their year-end sales.

However, even though it’s now 2022, several retailers still have their winter sales.

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When is Ross’ ’49 cent sale’ for 2022?

At first glance, Ross’ “49 Cent Sale” went live in most US states on Monday, January 24. Therefore, the famous clearance sale has been going on since January 25.

The retail store did not clearly state the duration of the sale through its social media or website. However, it was Twitter and TikTok users who informed many of the ongoing sale.

At first glance, Ross’ 49 Cent sale has yet to begin in some stores.

After some TikTok users posted videos showing off their clearance sale harvest, a few others commented that the sale hadn’t started at Ross Dress For Less stores near them.

One user wrote that the sale had not started at a San Diego outlet.

Therefore, we suggest you call your nearest outlet before you go to confirm if the sale is going on.

Netizens raid Ross Dress For Less stores

Many TikTok users took to the platform yesterday to show off what they had purchased in Ross’ ongoing ’49 cent sale’.

User ‘kalynred’ made a video showing off all the great products and discounts she bought during the clearance sale.

Another user named “leslyguadalupe” showed how much she bought at the store.

Other current sales

Saks Fifth Avenue: There is a sale going on on clothes, bags and accessories at Saks Fifth Avenue. Many items are available up to 50% off.

Urban outfitters: You can also grab great deals on clothing at Urban Outfitters. Discounts up to 50% off are available on several products.

Nordström: There is a limited time sale going on at Nordstrom. Many items like clothes, shoes, makeup and more are available for less than $50.

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