UAE’s top fragrance brand, Lecmo, launches “The Blue” collection

Lecmo, a premium fragrance brand in the United Arab Emirates, announces itself to the world with the launch of its new collection called “The Blue”

The UAE luxury perfumer is back. The premium fragrance brand is adding yet another product to its already amazing fragrance collections. Its newcomer, known as The Blue, is destined to captivate the hearts and atmospheres of perfume connoisseurs around the world.

As usual with the premium perfume brand, The Blue collection is made with the highest quality products to allow its wearers to stand out from the crowd. It also comes enclosed in a specially designed bottle and packaging to give it that exclusive feel that Lecmo customers have come to associate with the brand.

Lecmo is inspired by the rapid development progress occurring in Dubai and the UAE in general. Knowing how much the men and women of the United Arab Emirates loved their perfumes, the family behind the Lecmo brand decided to also create something as great as the Dubai project. Their skills, their knowledge of the ancient art of perfumery and their desire to create a global brand has allowed the Lecmo brand to flourish and flourish.

From humble beginnings in 2017, Lecmo is now a global brand that has established itself in the Middle East and Europe. But that’s not where it stops. The brand still dreams of being present on all continents.

The Lecmo brand uses the wolf symbol to represent its core values ​​which are family, strength, great value and loyalty. Lecmo describes its mission as being to offer premium fragrance products that support the value and lifestyle of every man and woman on every continent of the world. In addition, it wants its name to be synonymous with the highest quality fragrances, thus guaranteeing its customers the greatest value and satisfaction from its products.

Currently, the launch of The Blue brings the Lecmo fragrance collections to around eleven, and counting. Those interested can visit Lecmo’s website or Instagram to get The Blue or any of Lecmo’s famous fragrances for themselves.

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