The story of the revival of an iconic perfume brand, Singapore Girl, by Singapore Memories

With the aim of reviving the vintage perfume brand, Singapore Girl. Singapore Memories acquired “Fragrances of Singapore” and the girl series including Singapore Girl in 2014. Since then, the company and founder Prachi, have made tremendous efforts to bring back the original fragrances.

Singapore – Singapore Memories revives the women’s series, featuring ancient and iconic women’s fragrances from Singapore. The iconic “Singapore Girl (Woman)” fragrance is a perfect blend of notes produced in small batches by hand. The company began production of the most beloved perfumes of the 1960s, again in 2014, after acquiring the perfume brand Singapore Girl. These fragrances are for those who finely balance the traditional mindset with modern demands. With the revival of an old and renowned brand, Singapore Memories aims to provide tourists visiting Singapore with an iconic gift.

Singapore Memories wishes to make everyone fall in love with the wonderful smell of Orchid, which people can find in Singapore perfumery. The company has taken the original creation of “Singapore Perfumes” and recreated the same pleasant scent. Singapore Memories also created new fragrances and home fragrances including “Aranda 1965”, “Vanda 1981”, “Orchids by the Way”, “Allure De Art”, “AngMo”, “Atas”, “Kampong Glam”.

The company’s most beloved creations have fragrant notes of native orchids, local flora and sweet citrus. Lotus, water lily and teak wood. They are perfect gifts for every girl and man, a nice reminder of their Singapore sightseeing trip.

Company spokespersons said: “Ms. Prachi Garg is the new founder of an old and iconic Singaporean brand. We make sure to keep the beauty of the original fragrance while changing the packaging to capture the heart of a modern Singapore Girl. We intend to bring you the most refined, elegant and memorable collection of perfumes and home fragrances. Hope you like it as much as we do.”

About Singapore Souvenirs:

With its most versatile collection of fragrances, Singapore Memories will soon launch skincare and continue to refine it by learning more about the beautiful orchids. Several orchids can be amazingly used for the skin, such as Aerides falcata Lindl and Aerides odorata Lour. The company hopes to convert the full line into hotel amenities such as shampoo, soap and body lotion within a few years.

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