Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Vitamin C Serum is on sale

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If you want drugstore-grade products, Neutrogena is a safe bet. There’s a reason Jennifer Garner swears by the brand: Its formulas are gentle yet effective, and its price tags rarely make you stare out of your head. That said, the brand Rapid Tone Repair Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C normally just under $30 – but right now it’s $10.

There are plenty of good things to say about Neutrogena, but ~innovation~ isn’t quite the brand’s calling card. That’s why it’s refreshing to see the brand venture into capsule technology; where vitamin C serums are known to expire before you can blink twice, the serum’s individual doses mean it stays fresh until you finish the jar. Like indie darling Common Heir, Neutrogena’s delivery system is plastic-free and instead relies on biodegradable capsules derived from seaweed.

And according to reviews, the juice inside is equally impressive at reversing wrinkles and brightening skin. “This product works,” someone wrote. “My wrinkles and dark spots seem minimized, [and] I get multiple uses of one capsule. Another buyer claimed the powerful formula left their wrinkles softer, and a third said the serum makes skin look “youthful and radiant” – but the majority of reviews focus on how beautifully it lightens dark spots. old age. and dark marks.

“Born and raised in Florida nearly 70 years ago, [I] spent a lot of time in the sun before the skincare market had legs,” wrote such a fan. “Lots of dark spots! Twice-daily use on [my] The face began to break up the unsightly mess, and I’m very happy with that. In terms of timeline, the brand says you’ll see a difference within a week. But according to some users, their skin was revolutionized in a few days.

“I saw a difference after three nights of use. I had a particularly annoying dark patch on my cheekbone that had been there for several years, and after only a week it’s barely visible.” wrote a customer paraben-free, alcohol-free, oil-free, fragrance-free, preservative-free and dye-free serum. “I have other blackheads too, and these are fading as well. I’m very impressed with how easily and quickly it worked.”

Other people say the serum is hydrating enough to replace their regular moisturizer, which means you get a hackneyed routine for just $10. Like one last fan said, “It really works. I was amazed at how quickly it faded discolored skin.” Try it Rapid Tone Repair Serum while it’s 65% off – going through the above, you won’t regret it.

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