Mortgage: conditions and interest for today

Mortgage: conditions and interest for today

With the advent of 2019, many lenders have revised their credit conditions in the direction of reducing interest. As one of the key players in the mortgage services market, Sberbank has made adjustments to the proposed programs with regard to the changes introduced in accordance with the latest adopted legislative acts. Many of the rates and conditions on the Sberbank mortgage in 2019 were revised to take into account the extent of the previous social programs, as well as the introduction of new ones designed to support certain segments of the population.

Mortgage interest rates for today

Mortgage interest rates for today

The choice of the lender often depends on the proposed conditions, requirements for the borrower, and the key parameter in the assessment is the percentage of the mortgage.

You can find out how much the overpayment will be when using a particular program in the Savings Bank now, based on the table below:

Variety Mortgage Minimum rate,%
With state support (for borrowers raising minor children) 6% (at the birth of the 2nd or 3rd baby after 01/01/2019)
Secondary market 8.6% (for young families that used the electronic version of the application)
Housing under construction 6.7% (with the connection of a subsidy for a 7-year period and a loan excess of 3.8 million rubles)
Home construction 10% (construction of a residential building in the area for individual housing construction)
country estate 9.5% (for the construction or purchase of a summer house, a garden house, a plot)
Military mortgage 9.5% (not more than 2.3 million rubles)
Refinancing mortgage loans from third-party lenders 9.5%
Mortgage with matkapitalom 8.9%

The percentage of mortgages in Sberbank today is determined by taking into account a variety of parameters: time, amount, first installment share, reasons for using benefits or subsidies, and so on. from the above programs, adjusting the amount of the first installment, the optimal limit of funds, the payment period.

Military mortgage

Taking into account the earnings and possibilities of military personnel, the lender, in close cooperation with government agencies, organized the issuance of credit funds directed by the military to solve housing issues:

  • the purchase of secondary housing;
  • buying property in a new building or not yet handed over the object.

The peculiarity of registration in persons in the military service is the lack of proof of income and personal insurance.

Conditions for obtaining a loan limit the amount of 2.3 million rubles with a minimum minimum installment of ½ of the total price of the object. Subject to compliance with the requirements of the organization, a rate reduced to 9.5% with a repayment period of up to 20 years shall be appointed. The basis for obtaining exceptional conditions is the participation of the borrower in the accumulation program for the military.

Mortgage plus maternity capital

Many families in which the second child appeared to have already learned the conditions for the realization of matkapital. It is no coincidence that the popularity of capital is not equal to the direction of improving the living conditions of the whole family. The part of a mortgage loan, the borrower has the right to use the funds of the family certificate for acceptance as a first installment or early repayment (full or partial) of a valid mortgage.

The program is designed for families with 2 or more children, subject to confirmation of the following documents:

  1. Blank certificate for matkapital.
  2. Help from the FIU on what is the allowable amount for spending in the framework of family capital.

A feature of the sale of capital is the need to harmonize the transaction and the compliance of the new housing with the criteria for the program. It is necessary to take into account the limited validity of the certificate from the fund – no more than 1 month from the date of manufacture.

From the moment of applying to the PFR until the funds are credited to the seller’s account, it usually takes about 3 months.

country estate

country estate

The real estate of the acquisition in the framework of the project “Country Real Estate” can be:

  • country house;
  • construction of a garden house or other structure at the dacha;
  • plot of land for doing gardening.

In other words, the purchased object is not intended for year-round use.

The credit line starts from 300 thousand rubles, but not more than 75% of the assessed value of the acquisition.

If a ready-made object is bought, the obligatory insurance of a pledge is issued. When buying land insurance is not necessary.

To obtain a loan, you will need to provide evidence of your willingness to deposit up to the total value from personal funds.

Construction of a house

One of the traditional options for a mortgage loan is a bank financing the construction of a private household for all-season living for the whole family.

The basis for the allocation of funds will be an application credited, intending to build a house on the land classified as IZhS.

The main parameters of the contract:

  1. The minimum amount is 300 thousand rubles.
  2. The rate in rubles is 10%.
  3. Contribution – at least 25%.
  4. The repayment duration is up to 30 years. The minimum possible maturity of the mortgage – in the first year.

The part of the standard requirements for mortgage housing is expected registration as a pledge of the land plot or the future object of property with its mandatory insurance.

Mortgage with state support for families with children

Mortgage with state support for families with children

One of the latest programs, introduced with the advent of 2019, is associated with state support of the population, designed for a guaranteed low mortgage rate.

Citizens who have a second or third child were born between 2018 and 2022 can take advantage of the right to the lowest rates.

Despite the long term loan, the guarantee for a low rate applies only to part of the payment period:

  • during the first 3 years – at the birth of the second child;
  • over the next 5 years after the birth of the third child.

Due to the admissibility of the summation, the final period of a particularly low rate can be 8 years. In the future, the percentage is revised upwards to 9.25%.

Purchase of finished housing

Purchase of finished housing

The success of the borrowers uses the apartments from the already handed over objects of the new and secondary fund. The rules for registration of secondary housing are no less attractive than the conditions of a mortgage in Sberbank for new buildings.

The special advantages of lending include:

  1. The possibility of obtaining up to 15 million in the metropolitan area without a certificate of income (you need only 2 documents from the borrower for the preliminary approval of the application).
  2. Simplified preliminary review process for purchases within 8 million in general for all regions of Russia.
  3. The possibility of crediting and on reaching retirement age (up to 75 years at the time of the last installment).
  4. If the income does not correspond to the desired loan amount, an additional 2-3 co-borrowers are attracted, or the family uses matkapital as a down payment.

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