Mom Perfumes – Indian Luxury Perfume Wholesaler Reaches New Heights Globally

March 7: Only a handful of Indian wholesalers have managed to leave the country.

Mom Perfumes has not only succeeded in penetrating the Indian market, but is actively focusing on consumers in the Middle East, London, Paris and New York. This Delhi-based wholesaler started out as a startup focusing on providing quality luxury and authentic perfumes at affordable prices.

Mom Perfumes has rejuvenated the perfume market by offering luxury perfumes starting at INR 500. The quality of perfumes coupled with the price range has attracted thousands of customers.

Their recent launches other than premium perfume range, Mom Perfumes have also entered the market with their premium deodorant range, they are providing tough competition to the biggest international players in the market.

The brand has a portfolio of over 300 luxury brands which are directly imported from multiple locations and delivered to PAN India. The brand has served more than 500,000 customers over the past 11 years and is working on the high-end business model of chain marketing. The products are tested and qualified by the Fragrance Research Center. The company conducts several surveys among its customers/consumers to provide the best services among its competitors.

In the line of young Indian entrepreneurs are now extremely talented and confident perfume wholesalers, who have been making India smell good and that too for a very long time. “The perfume a person wears says a lot about who they really are. It creates a personal statement and people start to identify with a perfume you wear,” shares Ankur Adlakha, CEO and Founder of Mom Perfumes.

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