Miley Cyrus debuted as a luxury perfume model


Singer and actress Miley Cyrus is the star of the new Gucci perfume, an artist with a rock’n’roll spirit, according to the firm.

The creative director of the Italian firm, Alexandre michele pointed out that the “Midnight Sky” singer “is an artist with a rock’n’roll spirit and eclectic at the same time”. Michele, creator of the perfume, said he admired it and “that perfectly embodies the new fragrance and story of Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia”.

For the firm, Miley Cyrus is the embodiment of her generation, she expresses “the truth to self-expression, optimism and authenticity”, the ideal muse, in short, of this new fantasy of aromas. inspired by his personality.

In early spring, Cyrus paid an epistolary tribute to the character he grew up with on television “Hannah Montana”, on the 15th anniversary of the series’ premiere of six years, which not only made her popular as a performer, but also It was the mainstay of her singing career.

“Hi Hannah. It’s been a long time, exactly 15 years. (…) Although you are considered an ‘alter ego’, in reality there was a moment in my life when you had more of my identity in your hands than I did in mine ”, the artist wrote on his social networks.

He kept it a great international success and released three albums which reached the number one position in sales in the United States, with 20 singles in the top 20 of the most listened to songs according to Billboard.

This year the singer, after a period of recording reflection, released a new album with 80s rock as the flag “Plastic Hearts”. His relationship with fashion is passionate. Not only because she is one of the most requested cover girls, but she also continually changes her hairstyle and color, becoming a real influencer for new generations.

the designers are dying to dress it up not only for his music videos but for his appearance on the red carpet. Owner of an eclectic style, she likes denim and leather looks as well as transparencies or metallic settings. Versace, Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Tom Ford are some of his fetish brands, although he has also dressed several times in Saint Laurent, Shoulder Proenza y Dolce & Gabbana.

Now she already has a contract to represent the perfume of one of the most powerful brands in the world.

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