Marowa-Ziwenga unveils its perfume brand



GOSPEL songbird Olinda Marowa-Ziwenga has widened her wings venturing into cosmetics and has launched a new fragrance brand, Daiges, NewsDay Life & Style has learned.

The musician said the Daiges scent was unique in that it was unisex and had a ripe fruity scent that lasted for hours.

“The project, which will offer fragrances for men and women, has been made unique so that it is aimed at everyone. It is the most amazing and unique scent with its incredible scent and longevity. I wanted to create the most unique masterpiece in the world because it has always been my dream, ”she said.

Marowa-Ziwenga said the move was part of his resolutions for 2020 to venture into new lines of business.

“Daiges is the accomplishment of my life. It is a dream come true. A dream that I have been pursuing for years and which is part of history. I am very honored and proud to have had this chance to launch it. . I have a soft spot for perfumes, so I decided to do something about it, ”she said.

The musician said she has more surprises this year as she will release videos from her new album and a series of singles featuring international artists.

“This year I can’t wait to go more internationally, because I won’t be in Zimbabwe more often. I have many collaborations in South Africa and the UK while working on videos for my latest album, Yahweh. I have a lot of new developments going on and 2020 is going to be exciting, ”she said.

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