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ONE would assume that finding the signature scent of a lavender farm would be easy – making it smell like lavender. However, Bridestowe Lavender Farm has proven that it is not as easy as it sounds. It took four years of distillation, blending and trial and error on the North East farm to create her perfectly blended scent, called Bridestowe 100. The luxury scent is a unique blend of four lavender clones, all grown in the North East. site and should hit shelves in November. Bridestowe Estate Managing Director Robert Ravens said the scent was a credit to the estate’s original owners, the Denny family. “Our fragrance, Bridestowe 100, is truly a tribute to them and their sheer discipline and logical thinking in creating the lavender plantations,” Mr. Ravens said. “It took Tim Denny 28 years (1947-1975) to find five perfect plants among the thousands of seedlings germinated at North Lilydale in 1922.” These five plants were selected for propagation at Nabowla, and are the substance of every plant and row that you can see today. ” The Dennys sold the farm in 1989 and it changed hands several times before Mr. Ravens and his wife, Jennifer, bought it in 2007. The five types of plants the Dennys planted are now named after the women in Mr. Ravens ‘life: â–  Bridestowe Jennifer, named after Mr. Ravens’ wife. â–  Bridestowe Myra, named after her mother. â–  Bridestowe Elizabeth, is the name of Mr. Ravens’ granddaughter. â–  Bridestowe Philippa, is for the daughter of Mr. Ravens. â–  And Bridestowe Ann is the middle name of Mrs. Ravens’ mother and also a middle name used in the family. It was decided in 2009 that the oils from each flower should be put together to create the perfect Bridestowe ‘signature’ blend. Each flower was steamed, with each 250 kilograms of lavender, producing 2.5 liters of oil. Lavender Farm Field and Production Manager Anna Robertson said Philippa lavender was the only lavender the farm did not use in its scent because it was its culinary lavender, which it used in food. . She said that each type of flower was distilled separately, before being blended. ”There is one [lavender type] that there is a little more in the Bridestowe 100, but you can still get notes from everyone else, ”Ms. Robertson said. Mr Ravens described the scent perfectly: “it has a sweet, floral scent, which creates an aura of calm and well-being.” The fragrance was also used in Bridestowe’s other new product, Bridestowe SPA Hand Therapy (cream) which was launched last week. Mr. Ravens was in Hong Kong to start hand therapy this week. “Our market research shows that it has immense potential in the Asian market,” he said. He said Bridestowe decided to launch the products in a luxury Bridestowe SPA line, which already included soaps, body lotions, room diffusers and candles because “the market is so crowded with fragrances in general that it’s almost impossible to get storage space with a scent alone. ” He said the scent was called Bridestowe 100 for several reasons. ” One, Bridestowe Estate is approaching 100; two , we calculated that there are 100 heads of lavender flowers in 10ml of oil, and three, 100 is a perfect score. in November. “It will be 100% natural and fully derived from Bridestowe Estate, so it will be a truly Tasmanian scent, which cannot be copied. “said Ms Robertson, because each oil had its own scent, there was potential for an area to create other scents for the range, if he could produce the right ones. volumes of oil. “There is a lot of potential, she said. Only 10 0 liters of Bridestowe 100 oil can be produced each year. Two hundred liters have already been set aside for the launch. â–  Hobart-based company Essential Oils of Tasmania also plans to launch a luxury Tasmanian fragrance next year. The oils for the fragrance will be extracted from lavender, boronia, mountain pepper native to Tasmania, parsley, fennel and peppermint. Singer Tina Arena is set to launch the Essential Oils of Tasmania fragrance. Email: mdadson @


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