Flash sale: buy one Spongelle product and get the other free


I’ve been waiting for a good offer from Spongelle for weeks, and now it’s here. This BOGO flash sale from Spongelle is just what you need if you like to soap up, brush or bathe in pleasant scents while cleansing and hydrating your skin. When you apply the promotional code FEBFLASH at checkout, you will enjoy a Discount BOGO on any of Spongelle’s 90 sale items today.

Exclusions apply. Items available outside of this collection are unavailable, and you won’t have a chance with items you have on auto-renewal or subscription. But there are still plenty of great items you can get during this flash sale.

Aside from the scent, what sets them apart from other tampons is the number of times they can be used. When you use a standard body tampon, you are supposed to throw it away after a few weeks. With Spongelle pads, you can get anywhere from 14 to 42 washes depending on the type you buy. If you already know the scent you want, all you have to do is shop around. If you need a little more help, you can always sort by scent to find exactly the aroma that’s right for you.

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