ESEPAC and ESP students reinvent the luxury perfume experience

The five teams, each comprising students from the two schools, presented their products to a jury chaired by Marc Lechanoine, Global Senior Vice President Creative Design & Packaging Innovation, The Estée Lauder Companies.

Overview of the five competing projects:

Perfume made visible: Les Sceaux

Seal Features four solid perfumes, accompanied by an applicator and a pouch to carry them. All components are packed in a wooden box.

The scent is visible or not since the scented wax can be used as a light tattoo, thanks to ideograms engraved on the applicators. Users can decide whether to stack the boxes or not.

Smart-Parfum: “What if your smartphone became your perfume?”

The Smart-Parfum concept is a “nomadic” perfume device which allows consumers to make their perfume with their smartphone.

The perfume is contained in a refillable aluminum bottle of 15 ml which slips into a leather pouch attached to the back of the phone by a magnet. The cover is fully customizable. The bottle can be recharged both in store and at home thanks to a connected wooden base that allows both the phone and the bottle to be recharged.

VIP Perfume Room

The concept lies in a mysterious piece that gives a whole new experience when creating a perfume. It starts with a key that gives access to a secret room where a unique fragrance is created (bottle and personalized perfumes).

The crafting room key serves as an applicator.

After this first experience, the consumer will have the opportunity to turn the bottle into a real gem. With each refill of the bottle in store, a jewel to be inserted on the perfume case will be offered to you.

This concept is part of a respectful and sustainable approach to the environment, in particular through the use of recyclable and recycled materials for the bottle and its accessories.

Stylux Ourea

The Stylux Ouréa concept is inspired by gua sha stones and massage sensations. The students created a scent applicator that allows the stone to spin on itself, simulating the sensation of massage.

Ergonomically, the three curved sides of the cap are designed to conform to the shape of the fingers, making application easier for the consumer. Aesthetically, the multifaceted glass bottle recalls the shape of a precious stone.

Very instant scent

The Very Instant Perfume concept is divided into three parts:

- A small capacity refillable bottle (15 ml) with a 3D visual inside equipped with a roll-on. The bottle is made of plastic and gold/silver metal, and protected by a leather pouch.

- Rotating fountains in stores. Made up of glass columns, they allow you to choose your perfume.

- A limousine that can be booked on demand to perfume yourself and live a luxurious experience.

Students from different teams will also present their projects on stage in the PCD Talks room, during Paris Packaging Week, June 29 & 30, 2022. The projects will also be exhibited on the ESEPAC and ESP stands.

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