Delhi Police File FIR Against Perfume Brand Over ‘Obscene’ Ads | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Delhi police have filed a complaint against a perfume brand for allegedly promoting “rape culture” through its advertisements, police said on Thursday.
The case was filed following a complaint filed by Swati Maliwal, head of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), last week. She had also written to Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur to seek his intervention in the matter.

After the letter, the department ordered the ad be removed from the airwaves and social media platforms, DCW said.
The panel had issued a notice to Delhi Police asking them to file an FIR against Layer’r, alleging that the company’s advertisements “foster the culture of gang rape”. The company issued an apology earlier this week for the ads while saying they were only running “after necessary and mandatory approvals”.
“On the complaint of the Chairperson of the Delhi Women’s Commission, Swati Maliwal, Special Cell, the Delhi Police has registered an FIR under Section 67 of the Computers Act (Punishment for publication or transmission of obscene material in electronic form) in terms of misogynistic advertising by ‘Layer Shot’ perfume brand which recently appeared in mass media,” DCW said.
Strongly opposing the two adverts, which she said promoted a “rapist mindset”, Maliwal issued a notice to Delhi police on June 4 asking for action in the matter.
“Upon my complaint, Delhi Police have registered an FIR in this matter. I hope that strong action will be taken against the owners of Layer Shot Company as well as those involved in the creation and publication of this outrageous advertisement at the television, which clearly promotes toxic masculinity and gang rape,” she said in the notice.
She also said that she hopes the Ministry of I&B will put in place a rigorous system so that such an advertisement never appears on television again.
“Exemplary action on this matter is needed to deter advertisements promoting sexual violence against women and girls,” she added.
The company said it had no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings.
“This refers to our last two Layer’r SHOT TV commercials on various broadcast platforms. We, the Layer’r SHOT brand, would like to inform everyone that only after necessary and mandatory approvals do we ran the commercials, where we never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings or feelings or outrage women’s modesty or promote any kind of culture, as some mistakenly perceive” , the company had said earlier.
They said they had voluntarily removed ads from various platforms.
“However, we sincerely apologize for the advertisements that have angered individuals and multiple communities and ask their forgiveness.
“Most importantly, we have voluntarily notified all of our media partners to halt the telecast/broadcast of the two TV commercials from June 4th effective immediately,” the company had said following the controversy.

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