Cult perfume brand Le Labo is now much easier to buy in Ireland


The Lab has been available in The Loop at Dublin Airport since 2018, but unless you’ve booked a flight – and a visit to the Lab would be reason enough to book one – you couldn’t get your hands on Le. Lab nowhere else. They are now available online at Brown Thomas, which means you no longer have to just douse yourself in every scent and pick up a bottle in a pre-flight panic.

Le Labo, created in Grasse, France and based in New York, is a cult perfume brand despite its niche and difficult to find. You’re probably the most familiar or have at least taken a whiff of someone wearing Sandalwood 33, the band’s famous crowd pleaser. If you don’t know Le Labo (which means ‘The Lab’ in French), it’s the antithesis of celebrity scent. No flashy and exorbitant packaging, no brilliant marketing, just medicinal-looking apothecary-looking bottles and candles with rare launches and a hefty price tag.

Le Labo is very, very French, high end, maybe a little pretentious, incredibly expensive, but these are all qualities that I’m sadly absolutely in love to put on my face and body, so we’ll leave them out.

Not ready to pay dearly for a perfume or a candle that you haven’t smelled yet? First try perfumes via shower gels and body creams. If you are currently living at home with your parents or home-schooling your children while working, you will be grateful for shower gels for your long showers, the only private time of the day. I’ve stayed in a fancy hotel that had them in the bathroom (!) And since then I’ve been rationing them for extra-fancy showers. Yes, € 30-50 is extraordinarily expensive for a shower gel, but they’re 237ml, so they last a really long time, and you shouldn’t miss out on the life-changing magic of a truly extraordinary maximalist shower. .

Check out a few heroes from the lineup below.

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