Cork mom Nora Irwin set to launch her own nationwide fragrance brand


Cork woman Nora Irwin will launch her own fragrance brand ‘Arona’ tomorrow night on national television.

Nora, based in Youghal, is the founder and designer behind the new range which is made from beeswax and pure natural essential oils.

Arona is an Irish brand of premium solid perfume that comes in three modern scents: “Delicate Rose”, “Fresh Citrus” and “Calming Lavender”.

Nora has always had a passion for perfumes and traveled to London to study the “arts” of perfumes and how they elevate our day.

Nora’s Arona fragrance was officially launched this week.

“As kids, my sister and I were surrounded by amazing scents because we had a relative who worked as a perfume formulator in New York City,” said Nora, who also recalls that parcels containing perfume were regularly delivered to her home.

It helped Nora shape her nose and her lifelong passion planted a business idea in Nora’s mind.

“As a mom who works with a hectic lifestyle, I got the idea to create a collection of fragrances for the busy woman on the go,” Nora added.

This idea was developed when she was lucky enough to be accepted into the EXXCEL Female Entrepreneurial program at the Rubicon Center In CIT.

After the program, she was selected as a participant in the “New Frontiers Program” of Enterprise Ireland and graduated in 2019.

Nora officially launched the fragrance collection this week in the RDS national and international skincare and gifts market.

Nora will present the new range on RTE Nationwide tomorrow at 7 p.m. and its website will go live at the same time.

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