Burt’s Bees Firming Eye Cream is on sale at Amazon

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The name “Burt’s Bees” will always sound like a warm hug from an old friend – the brand’s skin-friendly formulations have been a staple in drugstores for as long as I can remember, and to this day it’s safe to say they don’t. don’t disappoint. For example, the Firming and regenerating eye contour cream has garnered a loyal following of Amazon shoppers for its ability to provide a natural alternative to retinol on the skin without irritation.

The so-called alternative is called bakuchiol and works almost identically to popular anti-aging retinoids, without the common negative side effects. Like Dr. Melanie Palm, Board Certified Dermatologist previously explained to In the style, although bakuchiol does not chemically resemble that of retinols and retinoids, it is shown “through laboratory studies, genetic expression and clinical application to the skin that it induces many of the same anti-aging changes than the vitamin A derivatives that we dermatologists have loved for decades.”

the fragrance-free eye cream is truly for anyone who has suffered from dryness, redness, and inflammation from retinol use in the past. Along with the indulgent alternative ingredient, Vitamin E helps soften crow’s feet, lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness – and the skin-friendly formula also works wonders on “extremely sensitive” skin. according to reviews.

Take it from a person who was “really nervous” about diving into retinol: “I had heard it could be incredibly irritating, and it terrified me, because almost every product I ‘uses must be for sensitive skin’, they wrote before declaring the Vendor Burt’s Bees a “wonderful” substitute for the ingredient. “It doesn’t burn or sting, cause no swelling or irritation, and no dry or peeling skin in sight!”

Another fan echoed similar sentiments about the lack of irritation, and delighted with the hassle-free packaging. “I love the container with the big button applicator. It means no waste and no spreading of germs caused by putting your finger in a little jar of product unprotected. I even use it between my eyebrows on frown lines, as well as smile lines outside the eye area,” they said.

And, it’s bound to be the perfect addition to spring skincare; many reviewers say it helps relieve allergies like no other. “I’ve tried antibiotic ointment, light steroid cream, all kinds of eye creams, lotions…I checked Amazon and found it had great reviews, so I gave it a try. After five to six days, my eyes were completely healed and stopped tearing,” commented a.

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