Amazon Sale Deals Today: Choose these body mists to keep your skin hydrated with a pleasant scent.

The body mists have a beneficial formula for the skin. It completely hydrates your skin but adds a touch of fragrance to kill bad smells. In the summer, rather than spraying a huge amount of perfumes and deodorants, choose these body mists from the Amazon sale offers today. They will leave your skin hydrated and give off a pleasant fragrance. This pleasant scent will not only make you feel refreshed, but will help kill the summer grumps.

Amazon Sale Deals Today on Body Mists

Body mists do not follow the principle of long-lasting perfumes and deodorants. They play on subtle notes and leave a scent for a short time. Scroll down to choose the best body mists.

1. DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mist

This body mist contains top notes of orange blossom and pear. The fine scent will not only help you smell fresh all day, but it will also keep your skin hydrated thanks to the blend of natural oils, especially jojoba oil. The travel-friendly packaging of this body mist will impress you and allow you to create a long-lasting scent impression.

Price: Rs. 585

Deal: Rs. 415

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2. Bryan & Candy NewYork Fragrance Body Mist

This trio combo set is all you need to stay fragrant. It has three distinctive scents namely Floral splash infused with lily scent, My Escapade with raspberry and vanilla scent and Urban Desire with musk and tangerine scent. What else do you need in your handbag to frolic in the sun all day long without worrying about bad body odor!


Price: Rs. 1050

Deal: Rs. 840

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3. Global Desi Cosmic Dreamer Set of 2 Body Mists

These body mists have a pleasant fruity citrus scent. The heart notes of these body mists are more floral and woody. While the base notes are musky and sweet. It is a perfect fusion of perfume, water and alcohol.


Price: Rs. 700

Deal: Rs. 525

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4. W2 Why wait for Live Body Mist

This body mist is for men and women who want to experience a soothing and relaxing aroma around them. It is such a body mist that does not contain alcohol. It is composed of a soothing floral solution that calms, refreshes, hydrates and tones your skin, leaving it fragrant. W2 Why Wait Live Body Mist has notes of rosemary, fresh lemon, floral and woody.


Price: Rs. 598

Deal: Rs. 560

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5. AND Chic Connect & Chic Connect Set of 2 Body Mists

This body mist will give you a finishing touch after the bath, whether you go out or decide to stay inside, you will feel aromatic. This body mist is for women who like to frolic in a scented way. ET Chic Connect & Chic Connect 2 Pack Body Mist has top notes of pink pepper, bergamot and almond, middle notes of jasmine, heliotrope and carnation while base notes of sandalwood and amber.


Price: Rs. 800

Deal: Rs. 600

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6. Global Desi Cosmic Charm Eau De Parfum & Rhytmic Soul Body Mist

This eau de parfum and body mist is all you need to leave a lasting impression wherever you go. It’s up to you if you want to be bold with your perfume, spray perfume or if you want to play with softer tones of perfume, spray body mist. Both have a bewitching fragrance.


Price: Rs. 1350

Deal: Rs. 1013

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7. Wild Nectar Organic Morning Mist

This morning mist has a long-lasting formulation of light, floral fragrance. Wild Nectar Organic Morning Mist will give you and your skin a boost with its fragrant and invigorating formula. It is chemical free and travel friendly.


Price: Rs. 649

Deal: Rs. 327

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With a few high end perfumes add these body mists to your Amazon cart. Today’s Amazon sale offers will help you drag everything from your wishlist to your cart. These body mists will not only make your summer bearable but also aromatic like fresh flowers.

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