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Proof that 2020 is truly the year of the pivot, the global resort chain Aman has released its own line of fragrances.

This is not the company’s first foray into the cosmetics industry. In 2018, the company launched its own line of lotions and potions called Aman Skincare, followed by the arrival of its wellness supplement brand, SVA, in September this year.

This month saw the launch of Fine Fragrances, a line of fragrances designed to represent the character of the destinations in Aman’s portfolio.

The inaugural collection includes five 50 milliliter eaux de parfum that offer a “sensory journey” to remind travelers of their time spent at the resorts.

Created by master perfumer Jacques Chabert, the collection is launched with five gender neutral scents that aim not only to transport fans, but also to provide a route to welcome potential new guests to the Aman brand.

Vladislav Doronin, CEO of Aman, said: “The places from another world, the unique experiences and the connection to the landscape play a role in this hard-to-express feeling.

“By launching Aman Fine Fragrance, I have the feeling that we have answered the call of our most dedicated guests who have personally expressed their desire for such a range, and I hope that, in turn, we can evoke happy memories of the time well spent in our destinations. “

The top five fragrances are Vayu, Ayom, Umbr, Zuac and Alta, which are inspired by Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco and New York respectively.

Available online through the Aman boutique and in resort boutiques, all five scents are ready to order now, with two more slated to launch in spring 2021.

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