Ace Fashion designer Rohit Verma launches his new perfume brand


Mumbai: Rohit Verma is a costume designer and fashion designer who was also seen in Bigg Boss S3. Being a strong follower of Lord Krishna, Rohit has incorporated his devotion into his work and career from time to time. With Janmashtami around the corner, this fashion ace is ready to launch his very special perfume brand.

As a passionate and enthusiastic designer, who always aims to climb the ladder every time, he designed the Vrindavan collection. Vrindavan signifies the colors of unconditional love and purity. It represents the eternity of life and emotions and embodies the values ​​of tolerance, compassion, sacrifice and forgiveness; the saga of an eternal bond. The land on earth called ‘Golok’ is the pious abode of Lord Krishna and Radha in their opulence and bliss. The collection portrays every feeling of Vrindavan – the Golokdham on earth.

A plethora of colors, intricate embroidery and organic fabrics to showcase the zeal of a famous saga in Vrindavan. A mixture of simplicity and intense emotions; The clothes weave the history of RadhaKrishna and the land of Vrindavan. The stunning Dheeraj Dhoopar and the stunning Adah Khan were featured in the stylish and very romantic photo series curated for the collection. This is the very first time that Adah and Dheeraj have shared the same workspace. The collection was photographed by fashion photographer and celebrity Amit Khanna. Makeup by Rishab Khanna, Styling by Rehan Shah, Models by Alesia and Cocoaberry from Anjali Raut, Jewelry by Pooja, available at the Bombay Sheesha Lounge.

Rohit has been part of many shows across India and even abroad in cities like Paris, San Francisco, New York, Sydney, Dubai. However, he made sure that his work always remains rooted in the beautiful culture of India. He is known for his designs and concepts which touch on different aspects of the Indian cultural plan. After launching the Vrindavan collection, based on his devotion to Lord Krishna, Rohit launched his own line of fragrances this Janmashtami. The range includes five fragrances for men and two for women. With this effort, he wants to reach more and more people sharing his journey with them through perfume. He said, “Pray that you will love all of my fragrances and by using them you will find me near your heart.” The scents are photographed by famous director, filmmaker and photographer Haider Khan. Rohit is known for his fearless demeanor and the confidence with which he dresses to express himself. He is known for his unique and thoughtful sense of fashion; its collections always tell a true story. He says the scents are carefully selected and are an expression of empowerment.

As part of his corporate gift business, Rohit has curated a range of lifestyle, home furnishings, accessories and cosmetics for both online and offline marketplaces to ensure that the Rohhit Verma brand and its product offerings reach every home in India and abroad. The collection includes sheets and pillow cases, cushion covers, duvets and comforters, bathrobes, umbrellas, leather handbags, shoes, slippers, tracksuits, Kurta pajama sets , company shirts, Modi jackets, perfumes and body wash products, from a wide range of collections among which the emphasis is on indigenous materials like cotton, bamboo cotton, the following khadi the ‘Make in India’ vision.

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