9 spring cleaning essentials you need in the Amazon sale, from Mrs. Hinch’s vacuum cleaner to Stacey Solomon’s squeegee

Megan Bull

With so many essential spring cleaning purchases from Amazon sale right now, there’s no better time to buy all your cleaning essentials. We’ve rounded up all the best products to keep your home looking its best.

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From At Mrs. Hinch’s beloved Shark vacuum cleaner, for spray mops and steam cleaners, the best clothes storage for by Stacey Solomon Favorite shower squeegees and more, your home will be sparkling in no time. You know what they say: tidy house, tidy mind.

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Shark Hoover – 36% off

orange shark

Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, was £349.99 now £225, Amazon


Ms. Hinch swears by her Shark vacuum cleaner. Reduced from £349.99 to £225, this deal is too good to miss. Enhanced with Anti Hair Wrap technology, you’ll be able to easily remove long, short and embedded pet hair from your carpets, hard floors, stairs and sofas.

Fairy Power Vaporizer – 33% off


Fairy Power Spray (10 pack), was £25 now £16.79, Amazon


Ideal for quick cleaning, this spray will remove dirt and grease from all surfaces in your kitchen.

Karcher Pressure Washer – 26% Off


Kärcher pressure washer plus home kit, was £150 now £110, Amazon


Stacey Solomon swears by her Karcher for removing tough stains – she doesn’t just use it for floors and work surfaces, but she’s cleaned oven trays and even some baby items! It’s the perfect time to grab one with 26% off.

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Shower squeegee – 32% off

shower squeegee

Wunset shower squeegeewas £19.99 now £13.59, Amazon


Stacey Solomon will surely add this shower squeegee to her cart. the loose women The star often jokes that she loves when her fiancé Joe Swash cleans the windows.

Fairy wash capsules – 25% off


Fairy non-organic washing capsules was £25.36 now £19.06, Amazon


For just £19, shoppers can get their hands on 108 non-organic Fairy washing capsules. You won’t miss it anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Clothing Storage – 36% off


Clothes Storage Bag Organizer, was £19.99 now £12.74, Amazon


Get organized with Amazon’s clothing storage. This set of three bags can be used in closets or mudrooms, and they’re also a good choice for your attic or bedroom.

Mop slippers – 8% off


Mop slippers 10 pairs, was £11.99 now £10.99, Amazon


Cleanfluencer Ms Hinch has been praising her mop slippers on Instagram, and Amazon shoppers can get ten pairs for just £10.99. Made from ultra-soft microfiber, they have received a number of five-star reviews thanks to their strong decontamination and water-absorbing abilities.

Febreze Deodorant Caps – 40% Off


Febreze air freshener caps, was £31 now £19.46, Amazon


These Febreze air freshener caps alternate between the three scents of the refills every 45 minutes, so you’ll always notice the scent. AND you get four in the pack.

Extendable Duster – 18% off


Extendable duster, was £10.99 now £8.99, Amazon


This duster features a 95 inch long stainless steel telescoping rod to help you easily clean ceilings, furniture, stairs, blinds, ceiling fans, windows and more without using ladders or tools. stepladders.

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