6 Popular Baby Products Under Rs 2,000 Worth Buying On Amazon

If you are a new parent or know a new parent who is just waiting to crack the parenthood code, then you have landed in the right place. Finding the right products for your baby can be overwhelming, but the right products will go a long way in making life easier with your new addition. And parents who’ve been there are often the best resource for determining which items to add to your cart and which to skip. However, popular baby products can be very expensive and therefore not worth it, because your baby is LITERALLY growing every day. Here we have a list of affordable baby products for sale on Amazon today.

6 popular baby products on Amazon on sale today:

Scroll down and take a look at these cute baby products available at amazing prices.

1. Infantbond 56 in 1 Newborn Complete Daily Items

This pack has LITERALLY every newborn item a new mom would ever need. It contains 4 open-front shirts, 4 diapers, 4 hats, 4 pairs of mittens, 4 pairs of socks, 4 waterproof sheets, 3 single-layer swaddles, 1 mattress with net, 1 U-shaped pillow, 1 carrying bag, 4 bedding sheets, 8 open front jhablas, 8 matching diapers and 6 crocheted diapers. You don’t need to buy unique products for your baby since this pack contains all the daily necessities.

Price: Rs.2999

Deal: Rs.1899

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2. Koochie-Koo Dry Chiffon Washcloth

This baby washcloth is made of high quality soft and eco-friendly muslin cotton. The soft and breathable material does not irritate the baby’s skin. The organic material is anti-allergic and safe to use every day. Free of harmful toxins which are the main cause of skin irritation in children. The soft cloth has multiple uses. It can be used as baby washcloth, burp cloth, teething cloth, spit cloth. It can also be used as a handkerchief on the go. The quick-drying and liquid-absorbing mechanism makes the cloth perfect for on the go.


Price: Rs.1099

Deal: Rs.379

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3. Infantbond Baby Nest Combo

This combo will ensure that your newborn is always comfy and cozy. The pack contains 1 mattress with a mosquito net to protect the baby from mosquitoes and insects, 1 sleeping bag with a carrying bag which will be useful for transporting the baby in a comfortable carrying bag, 4 sheets which will provide a restful sleep with a pillow neck support and 1 baby nest.


Price: Rs.1999

Bargain: Rs.1424

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4. Einstein Baby Gift Set

This Einstein gift set is designed for newborns/infants 0-12 months. The idea behind giving this box to your babies is to develop their visual stimulation, help them recognize colors and also help their brain development process. This toy box will help you communicate effectively with your child and bond with them. It contains rattles for auditory stimulation, high contrast flash cards for visual stimulation and a high contrast book.


Price: 999 rupees

Deal: Rs.569

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5. Koochie-Koo Baby Care Kit

Ensure your little one’s hygiene is always maintained with this baby care kit which contains 6 grooming tools – scissors, nail clippers, nail clipper holder, scissor cover, hairbrush and a comb hair. The kit is convenient, compact and ultra-light to carry wherever you go. This contains all the items a baby needs to look beautiful and keep it hygienic. The grooming kit is made of high quality BPA-free material to keep baby safe. The bristles are made of soft nylon so they won’t hurt your child and the premium stainless steel blades are rustproof and durable. The scissors come with a cap to keep them hygienic and protect baby’s hands and keep them well cared for.


Price: Rs.799

Deal: Rs.329

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6. Blue Nectar Baby Lotion

Baby skin is not the same as adult skin and tends to dry out very quickly. Dry, scaly skin can lead to other skin problems and infections. Ghee has been hailed as a natural moisturizer in Ayurvedic text. Not only does it retain moisture in the skin, but it also strengthens the skin barrier. Specially formulated with carefully chosen herbs and oils, it can soften and heal the skin and can prevent further skin infections. The herbs in the lotion can also help strengthen bones and relieve gas, thereby improving digestion. The sweet natural scent of aloe vera and roses will relax the baby and help him sleep better.


Price: Rs.575

Deal: Rs.475

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If you’re a new parent struggling to give your baby everything he needs, don’t worry because we’ve got your back! These popular baby products are available at deeply discounted prices on the Amazon sale today. These products are not only very affordable, but also very high quality and safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.

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