CEO of Maison 21G on how his bespoke fragrance brand is shaking up the world of perfumery

Monange is the former fragrance creative director of IFF for Asia, who left the company in 2019 to found Maison 21G.

Based in Singapore, the company was founded Monange, which has over two decades of experience working with major beauty houses like L’Oréal.

In 2019, Monange left her position at IFF as Creative Director of Fragrances for Asia to launch Maison 21G, which she said had the potential to turn the world of perfume upside down.

Maison 21G seeks to revolutionize the perfume industry with its unique technology called The Source.

“It allows you to take the perfume concentrate and dilute it in a perfume bottle in 30 seconds, it’s like the Nespresso in perfumery.

Monange said CosmeticsDesign-AsiaThat she created the company to find the “soul” of perfumery.

She lamented that with the current mode of operation of perfumery, the market is full of perfumes that “Everyone loves, but no one loves”.

Since its inception, the company has grown rapidly and currently has three stores in Singapore, one in Sydney, Australia and other exciting projects are underway.

Monange explained that his success comes down to his consumer-centric approach to selling products.

“People are hungry to try new things… Especially now with COVID-19, when people go out they really want to have an experience. “

This principle also extends to the online arena, where Monange has managed to build a successful e-commerce business selling bespoke perfume.

The company achieved this feat by developing two techniques that would essentially reassure consumers and allow them to make mistakes without paying the price.

Additionally, Monange has designed his business around sustainable practices to meet consumers’ growing interest in conscious consumerism.

“The consumer is really waiting to see what you are doing for the planet. We need to be aware of the packaging and how we buy our products. Most natural products come from poor countries… you have to make sure that these people are treated well… it is important to get your ingredients from the right person ”, she says.

To learn more about Monange and Maison 21G, see the podcast above or on Apple Podcast.

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CITIC Capital finalizes its investment in a Chinese fragrance brand RECLASSIFIED


The private equity branch of CITIC Capital Holdings announced that it has completed its investment in Shanghai Xiangmiao Trade, owner of the brand of RECLASSIFIED, via its third Chinese buyout fund denominated in RMB.

The transaction marks the eighth acquisition in the beauty and lifestyle industry in recent years and the continued expansion of its exposure and footprint in the space.

Founded in Shanghai in 2013, RECLASSIFIED is a prestigious Chinese perfume house that has created a variety of iconic original fragrances featured in its extensive product portfolio, including fragrances, home fragrances, car fragrances, scented candles and scented personal care products. The company operates more than 100 retail outlets in 50 cities across the country.

“The name RECLASSIFIED is a combination of ‘RE’ and ‘Classified’, illustrating our determination to differentiate ourselves and our refusal to be classified. Each RECLASSIFIED perfume bottle has its own story and its own philosophy, ”said Mac LIN, CEO of RECLASSIFIED.

CITIC Capital believes in the long-term growth prospects of the beauty, personal care and lifestyle industry, and will continue to seek attractive investment opportunities in the industry.

In addition to RECLASSIFIED, CITIC Capital’s investments in the related sector include: Erno Laszlo, a US premium skin care brand; New Zealand’s own beauty brand Trilogy; Axilone, a world-class cosmetic packaging supplier; UCO, an e-commerce service provider serving premium beauty brands; ScentAir, a provider of scent marketing solutions; Lifestyles / Jissbon and LELO, leading global brands in the intimate wellness sector.

Founded in 2002, CITIC Capital is an alternative investment management and advisory company. The company manages over $ 32 billion in capital across 100 funds and investment products through its multi-asset class platform spanning private equity, real estate, structured investment and finance and corporate finance. asset management.

CITIC Capital has more than 200 portfolio companies spanning 11 sectors and employing more than 800,000 people worldwide. Its PE branch focuses on buyout opportunities globally and has made more than 79 investments in recent years in China, Japan, the United States and Europe. –

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