Fragrance Sale – Save up to 60% on the world’s best fragrances

Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and a whole host of other iconic perfumes see their prices drop as Christmas approaches. When shopping for a scent, deciding which scent best represents the person you’re shopping for can be a bit of a headache, so we’ve given each of the discounted scents a description that may help you on your way.

50 ml

This scent is a classic for a reason, and the reason is that it is one of those rare scents that are loved by generations of women.

The fresh and radiant scent is ideal for use on any occasion, whether in the office or on a warm evening.

List price: £ 59, Festive fragrance sale: £ 39.99 – you save £ 19.01

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50 ml

An oriental floral scent that will make people wonder how you smell so good, this scent wraps a garden on a spring day with its combination of lotus, freesia, peony, lily and carnation.

List price: £ 44.99, Party fragrance sale: £ 30.95 – you save £ 14.04

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This floral and woody scent was designed for the confident woman, to reflect her strength and femininity with a blend of oriental scents, pink pepper and orange blossom.

30 ml

List price: £ 36, Festive fragrance sale: £ 21.95 – you save £ 14.05

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125 ml

Elizabeth Arden has been a staple fragrance for decades, and may this reign continue.

Created to reflect the class and wonder of New York City, this fragrance captures the style of the world’s most famous street.

List price: £ 50, festive fragrance sale: £ 18 – you save £ 32

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30 ml

Definitely aimed at a younger wearer, this scent is uplifting with its notes of lavender, pear, coconut, vanilla and cashmere.

List Price: £ 25, Party Fragrance Sale: £ 22.49 – you save £ 2.51

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50 ml

Designed for a passionate, motivated and shameless person, this scent is sensual with a cocktail of red fruits, raspberry, peach, lilac, amber and patchouli.

List Price: £ 58, Party Fragrance Sale: £ 42.21 – you save £ 15.79

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50 ml

Smell fresh and fun all day long with this delicious fruity scent inspired by red apples.

List price: £ 55, Festive fragrance sale: £ 28 – you save £ 27

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Random: UK retailer GAME has created a luxury Mario-themed fragrance, “Eau De Plumber”

UK retailer GAME – which is no stranger to party gadgets – has announced that it has produced a Super Mario– luxury themed fragrance for Christmas.

Called ‘Eau De Plumber’, the unisex scent has been ‘expertly curated and crafted by some of Basingstoke’s greatest perfumers’ and is ‘painstakingly blended with deep and toadstooly undertones, with high tones of peach and daisy’.

This all new unisex scent is lovingly crafted for the busy gamer on the go. Significant other kidnapped by a giant reptilian tyrant? Dashing across town with a strict 300-second time limit? Eau De Plumber has you covered and brings a whole new meaning to the words “eau de toilette”.

GAME is also launching a scent called FPS (First Person Scent), a “pomegranate-shaped scent that can be described as” best enjoyed at a distance of thirty feet “and” slightly powdery “and is a celebration of the love of the nation for popular FPS games “.

Both will cost £ 19.99 for 200ml and are limited to one per customer. Don’t all rush at the same time.

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Luxury Mario perfume available from UK retailer GAME

It’s the holiday season, and that means we’re going to see a lot of gaming gadgets to give away this Christmas. UK retailer GAME is no stranger to this, offering things like Christmas Dinner in a Box in years past. For 2020, the retailer has come up with something all gamers want: themed fragrance sets. More importantly, there is a luxury Mario scent available. The “Eau de Plumber” set is apparently “Italian inspired”, and the bottle is shaped much like Mario’s head. The perfume cover becomes Mario’s famous red hat, and things start to take shape.

GAME’s description of the tongue-in-cheek scent is pretty funny though. According to the list, the bottle contains “deep earthy notes of poisonous mushroom, balanced with high notes of peach and daisy, and mid tones of meadows.” Of course, these “notes” all refer to different characters and elements of the Nintendo series. Unfortunately, it appears to be currently out of stock.

If the theme of the Mario d’Eau de Plumber fragrance isn’t enough to deliver this Christmas, you can also look at GAME’s other option. The SPF fragrance set is shaped like a pomegranate and is probably more suited to Call of Duty passionate. These perfumes cost £ 19.99 (around $ 30) and contain 200ml of liquid. We think it’s a bit pricey for a gadget, but if you’re interested, knock out.

What gaming gadgets have you had for past Christmases?


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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is the latest perfume brand to 3D print an exclusive bottle »3D Printing Media Network

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A new collaboration between ERPRO Group, VIKTOR & ROLF, and L’Oréal uses Carbonof Digital Light Synthesis technology to produce an exclusive 3D printed bottle for the Flowerbomb fragrance.

While working on the Flowerbomb fragrance, Viktor & Rolf wanted to create something new. They dreamed of it. a fragrance that had the power to spread a positive message. A profusion of flowers as a weapon to spread the world with beauty and fantasy and to transform the negative into the positive. No technology could convey this message more clearly than 3D printing.

The new Viktor & Rolf project celebrates the “15th anniversary of Flowerbomb”. In collaboration with the L’Oréal teams, ERPRO produced 15 unique bottles. This limited edition combines traditional know-how and new 3D technologies: the whole is 3D printed using carbon technology and each component is then polished and assembled by hand. The video was shot at the ERPRO premises in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt.

Viktor & Rolf designed the lavish rose gold dress of the iconic Flowerbomb bottle, made of thorny branches and flowers. The $ 2,500 Limited Edition, one of 15 pieces in the world, is contained in a luxurious hand-numbered calligraphy rose gold case. He is said to be the object of a pure desire for the most precious and explosive scent.

For this ultra-luxurious edition, the designers wanted flowers as spectacular as the flowers made for their Haute Couture clothes. The flowers had to be sumptuous and beautiful, but also thorny and confusing. To produce this complex design, traditional techniques were abandoned and Viktor & Rolf focused on innovation. Using Carbon’s 3D printing technology, Viktor & Rolf combined traditional craftsmanship to create the new bottle dress. The ornament is individually hand polished and honed and dipped in rose gold.

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Aman launches fragrance brand inspired by lush places – Travel Weekly

Proof that 2020 is truly the year of the pivot, the global resort chain Aman has released its own line of fragrances.

This is not the company’s first foray into the cosmetics industry. In 2018, the company launched its own line of lotions and potions called Aman Skincare, followed by the arrival of its wellness supplement brand, SVA, in September this year.

This month saw the launch of Fine Fragrances, a line of fragrances designed to represent the character of the destinations in Aman’s portfolio.

The inaugural collection includes five 50 milliliter eaux de parfum that offer a “sensory journey” to remind travelers of their time spent at the resorts.

Created by master perfumer Jacques Chabert, the collection is launched with five gender neutral scents that aim not only to transport fans, but also to provide a route to welcome potential new guests to the Aman brand.

Vladislav Doronin, CEO of Aman, said: “The places from another world, the unique experiences and the connection to the landscape play a role in this hard-to-express feeling.

“By launching Aman Fine Fragrance, I have the feeling that we have answered the call of our most dedicated guests who have personally expressed their desire for such a range, and I hope that, in turn, we can evoke happy memories of the time well spent in our destinations. “

The top five fragrances are Vayu, Ayom, Umbr, Zuac and Alta, which are inspired by Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco and New York respectively.

Available online through the Aman boutique and in resort boutiques, all five scents are ready to order now, with two more slated to launch in spring 2021.

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