Personalized Fragrance Brand The Atlchemist Atelier Seeks Collaborative Retail Expansion

Opened in 2018, The Alchemist Atelier is the original idea and consumer brand of Noustique – a Spanish perfume joint venture created by German home appliance maker BSH Hausgerate and fashion and fragrance leader Puig.

Led by two former engineers from BSH’s innovation department, Noustique and its brand The Alchemist Atelier offered a € 350 personalized home fragrance device that allowed consumers to design and blend formulas from a collection of pre-designed chords and complements. The same device was used in his Parisian boutique where consumers could come and design their own fragrances.

The Alchemist Atelier in France, Spain, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom

Alvaro Suarez, CEO of Noustique, said the brand had recently expanded to four additional markets beyond France – Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK – and is now working on a plan to launch The Alchemist Workshop on the ground in these countries.

“We are currently focusing on how to open physical contact points for new countries through more collaborative approaches”Suarez told CosmeticsDesign-Europe. “We are not going to open new flagships because, from a resource point of view, we want to be more flexible.”

Asked if pop-up stores might be an option – touted by retail experts as a solid choice in a post-COVID world – he said: “We’re actually looking at different options and approaches, but yes, that kind of in-store model or any collaboration with physical touchpoints and verticals is on the cards. We are looking to see where our concept will best suit consumers, from an experience perspective.

Consumers “tire” of standard fragrances

Any physical expansion of The Alchemist Atelier, however, would be centered on a “Truly consumer-centric experience”Suarez said, as the brand’s mission was to change the fragrance market, both for the industry and for consumers, with a new personalized and digital touch.

Hugo Lasala, CTO at Noustique, previously said CosmeticsDesign-Europe’s perfume consumers were “Get bored of standard solutions”.

“… Why would I buy a big bottle of perfume and always use the same product?” Why don’t I change it every day? It’s more fun. You change clothes every day, why don’t you change your perfume depending on the occasion or the mood?

A consumer experimenting with the universe of personalized perfumes in the Parisian boutique (Image: The Alchemist Atelier)

Lasala said consumers are deeply motivated by feeling unique, and it is a motivation to stay and be sought after in fragrances.

Other expansion objectives beyond the “incubation years”

Suarez said the goal was to take a slow and steady business approach to expanding The Alchemist Atelier; penetrate and establish a strong physical presence in each country before looking elsewhere. While the next steps remain unclear, he said further expansion would likely be elsewhere in Europe, the Middle East and America at a later stage.

“The purpose of the early years – we call them incubation years – is to understand consumers and determine the most promising group of people. And once we understand that and the potential of the market, then that’s when we think about ramping up ”,he said.

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